Anonymous said: Are you sill running this blog or not? :c

I’m sincerely sorry for my absence I have had to deal with my kids being sick and my work is falling behind and addition to that is most people send me hate mail on how bad I am at running a blog.

Strawberry Panic Book Complete

I have completely finished the book and it was incredible it had a lot of drama it had an incredible end and I recommend reading this book.

My Absence

Hello everybody sorry about my absence I am visiting relatives and I wanted to show them a nice time as soon as I get back I will get more posts.

Strawberry Panic Book

I am currently reading Strawberry Panic the complete novel collection and I want to know from you if you are liking it so far. I am halfway through and loving it, when I finish it I will give you my opinion and I would love to here your opinion.

New Managment

Hello all previous followers of textsfromastraea I am tamaoandnagisa and I would like to say hello and I will be doing my best to keep this blog alive and better than ever if you have any questions just send me an email at

I am offficially leaving this blog!

It’s not being deleted. A new admin is taking over! Starting now, this blog is owned by tamaoandnagisa.

Bye Bye~

-Em (ex admin)

Whoever messaged me about wanting to take over this blog needs to message me their email please so I can invite them to the blog. This is a sideblog so I can’t just give the whole account to them lol.

I can’t remember who it was. I replied to their message but it’s been days and i haven’t heard back from them! Please send me your email and the blog can be yours!

Anonymous said: I'm gonna be sad about u deleting this blog. I'm sorry for whatever happened between u and your girlfriend. This blog will be missed:'(

Thank you, sweet anon!

I will not delete it for a while. Hopefully someone will want to take it over. Because I myself would like to see texts from astraea continued, but I just don’t have the time and patience to look for good ones to do!

So please if anyone does want to take over this blog let me know :)


Hello, everyone.

I can no longer run this blog. I was originally a co-owner of this with my girlfriend. However, she is no longer my girlfriend, nor has she been contributing in months. Also, as of late she deleted her blogs SO it is just me, and I have too many blogs to juggle as it is.

If anyone wants to own this blog, message me. Otherwise I am deleting it. It would be lovely if someone could keep up with it and bring us Strawberry Panic! texts from last night. If you are interested, message me. First come first serve. :)